Throwback Furniture

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Have you ever looked back through old family photos and taken notice of the interior design we used to love? Today, we’re looking back through the 60s, 70s and 80s and seeing how our furniture taste has changed over the years, or maybe not changed at all.

The Sixties:

Let’s start in the sixties. The time of bright and bold floral patterns taking over the world. The was a decade of colour blocking inspired by the pop art and comic movement. The retro style inspired a new design of chairs that we’ve used for centuries since. The plastic chairs. Remember those stackable chairs in school? Well, they originated back in the sixties.

Everyone is the 60s was very focused on style and following the trends. Hence why the interior design was considered disposable and cheap as people were changing it all the time to fit in. From bronze ornaments to dark wooden coffee tables. Most homes had lots of open space, and some even had huge free-standing fireplaces!

The Seventies:

Now, onto the seventies. I think after a decade of bright colours, it was time to tone it down a little. Taking more of a natural approach in the home, we saw lots of terracotta tones and less ‘in your face’ floral patterns. Lots of people in the 70s took a bohemian approach to life. Something we saw in the 70s has also recently come back into fashion today: the macramé. Rooms often featured very square shaped furniture, from basic sofas to wooden sideboards and side tables. Most homes also featured a bar cart, essential in the seventies home.

Aside from the natural home interior, the 70s also saw a huge improvement in the office. The first economical chair was designed too!

The Eighties:

Finally, we have the eighties. A decade that seemed to be split into two when it comes to interior design. Some people almost went back to the 60s fashion. They must have missed the headaches from all the bright clashing patterns, colours and geometric shapes.

Others went for a more shabby chic vibe. With lots of pretty florals and house plants. The living rooms saw a drastic change, from wooden tables to glass tables. The sofas got a lot more patterned and comfier, and chairs went from being plastic to wicker.

What is your favourite era of home furniture interior design? Let us know and be sure to check out the ranges of flat pack furniture we have to offer here at Y1 Furniture.

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