Back To School

Summer is officially over, and the school bells are ringing once again. As we all prepare for the uniform shop, stationery hauls and early morning school runs, has anyone remembered to get the home space ready for all the homework and studying?

Luckily, we have so you don’t need to worry.

With the drop of our brand new Alford range at Y1 Furniture immanent, you don’t need to look any further for the perfect desk.

In a Sonoma oak wood effect finish, with either grey or white accented drawer fronts, these contemporary design desks add a modern sophisticated touch to any bedroom or home office.

Here’s how we would style them…

First up, the Sonoma oak and white. We think keeping it simple works best. Rose-gold is really on trend right now, and everywhere is selling the most beautiful (and affordable) stationery in rose-gold. The loveliest accent to this is baby blush pink. Notebooks and vases in this stunning colour go so well with rose-gold, and they look great against the oak wood effect finish too. You of course need a vase with either flowers, or a cute little succulent or cactus! If this is for your child, you may want to opt for artificial plants. (They are so much easier and obviously they last forever so you don’t need to keep spending money on replacing them – Perfect).

For the grey accented desk, we think this one adds a touch more sophistication and gives you even more options for the décor. Pale greys and mustard will look so great together. Very on trend for Autumn too. Sticking with this design will be super easy too, you can buy black, white and grey stationery everywhere, and sourcing mustard accessories won’t be an issue right now either. Keep the desk top pretty simple, and maybe add a mustard cushion on the chair. Or what about some art prints on the wall with pops of colour?

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