Inside Celebrity Homes – Leonardo DiCaprio

Inside Celeb Homes

Leonardo DiCaprio

We all know and love Leo, but do you know what the inside of his new $4.9 million mansion looks like? Nope? Didn’t think so…

Well let’s just say this, we’re jealous.

The home was bought in 2016 by singer/songwriter Moby who gave it a modern makeover. From marble countertops to all-white rooms, this house really is stunning. Obviously, it features an outdoor pool and dining area that are hidden behind thick hedges that surround the property.

However, we don’t care too much about the outside, we’re interested in the interior design!

We are loving the simple chic style going on in Leo’s pad. From the white marble in the kitchen, to the gorgeous all wooden walk-in wardrobes.


Now, we’re not saying that we can transform your home to match Mr DiCaprio. However, we do have a few interior styling tips to get you on your way. And don’t worry, it won’t cost you $4.9 million!

The first thing that jumps out to us is the modern nest of tables in the living room. These are becoming more and more popular in interior design. Which is exactly why you need your own.

Luckily for you, we have a range here online at Y1 Furniture. The Casa Nest of 3 Tables in a medium oak ask wood effect finish are inspired by simple yet modern style. With a chunky design, these tables are great to add a bold and stylish feel to the home.

Staying in the lounge, Leo clearly loves to read (or does he just want us to think he does?). The bookshelves around the sitting room in white brighten up the whole room and bring a fresh vibe.

For a more budget version, we have the Essentials Tall White Bookcase. Stunning white finish just like Leos’ and perfect for all your books and DVD’s.We can’t give you a walk in wardrobe I’m afraid, however we do have a vast range of wood effect wardrobes available to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a full bedroom set, or just a wardrobe for your hanging garments, you’re sure to find something you love.

Leo’s walk in wardrobe has a luxurious feel to it with the medium wood and hidden spot lights.

Leo, we salute you and your interior designer.

Check out our full range of flat pack furniture online at Y1 Furniture, and keep up to date with us on Facebook.

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