Chest of Drawers

If you’re creating your dream bedroom, start with the essentials with out range of flat pack chest of drawers.

The bedroom may be your place of peace and calm, but it’s also the room you need plenty of storage. Drawer chests are the easiest way to get the most effective storage. From folded garments, to towels and toiletries, they’re useful for pretty much everything.

Flat Pack Chest of Drawers

The Pulford Collection offers a modern chic chest of drawers. With 2 large drawers and 2 small drawers. Your organisational dreams will come true. In a stunning white and sonoma oak wood effect finish. Perfect for the minimalist bedroom with plenty of style.

In contract, the compact Alton Collection presents two styles of flat packed drawers. A 5 drawer and a 3 drawer. Depending on your bedroom storage needs, you can choose from 2 different sizes and colours. Either in sonoma oak and black or sonoma oak and white. Both are equally elegant.

All our chest of drawers also have matching flat pack bedside tables too. If you’re wanting to transform the home interior of your bedroom, there are plenty to pick from.

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